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/ By Jacqui Ma

This is an open letter to all those people who kindly pre-ordered our Stealth range (now Monochrome)


Dear lovely loyal Goodordering customer,

We know we have pushed your pre-orders back and back and back and i appreciate your patience so far! I wanted to give you an update on where the bags are and why they are running so late.

I am not one for excuses, in fact, i hate to give excuses. But i owe it you to explain why the bags are taking much longer to get to you than originally expected. Here is the short version and i'll explain in more detail below:

1. I had a baby
2. The factory moved
3. I went to Australia for 6 week for the school holidays

1. I had a baby
Max happened, and i did have to take a bit of time off work to hang out with him.  Its not an excuse you can use very often so i thought i could milk it for this case.

Goodordering Jacqui Ma

2. The factory moved
Our factory used to be based just outside of Shenzhen in the south of China. This area has recently boomed and become a thriving metropolis of wealth Chinese, and the area where my factory was has been developed into fancy apartment blocks. I now have a new factory which is in the outskirts of Shanghai in the middle of China The factory had to move and with that was a huge disruption - different people making the bags, sourcing fabric from new local sources, making sure all my samples and references got to the new factory. To say its been a nightmare is an understatement. Now this order will be made with the new factory and I have been making sure that the standard is high and the product is as good, if not better than our previous order from the old factory. Here are pictures of the factory.

Goodordering factory

Goodordering factory China
3. I went to Australia for 6 weeks for the school holidays
My partner and I decided it was a good idea to go to australia to introduce the new spawn to my folks and have some family time. I had the best intentions to work as much as i could, but with 2 small children at different ages, it was difficult. I did manage to keep things ticking over, but inevitably the foot goes off the pedal and as much as i hate to admit, i probably did let a few things slip. I did, however, manage to organise a photoshoot to help market the range when we eventually receive it! Here is a picture from a photoshoot we did whilst we were in Sydney featuring the new Monochrome collection.

Goodordering Monochrome Yellow Rolltop backpack

See more pics from this shoot HERE

Please get in touch with us if you have changed address. I don't want to promise a new date but i expect it will not be at least until the end of October. I'm SO SO sorry. Please get in touch with us if you would like to cancel your order. But hopefully you will be able to think of it as an early Christmas present!! 

To find out more about our trip to Australia and everything else Goodordering related, please follow us on Instagram - @goodordering and also @jacqui__ma

Kind regards and thank you so much for your support in advance!!!
Jacqui and the Goodordering team.


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