Spin London x London Coffee Festival

By Jacqui Ma

We showed our wares at the Spinxlcf show last weekend, it was a lot of fun despite the hard work. It was the first time that Goodordering has made a public appearance and we were really happy with the response. 


This is a picture of our little set up. We borrowed a lovely set of wheels from tokyobike in shoreditch which helped to display the bags. 

We also had our limited edition sample sausages for sale which were designed just for the show. It attached to any part of the bike, the frame, handlebars or saddle and we managed to sell lots of them. 

We got some great feedback about these little bags so we are going to keep developing and perfecting them and hopefully add them to our permanent range very soon!

Our lovely next door neighbours during the show were the very cool and understated Russ from Hackney GT. If i actually wore lycra when cycling, this would be my lycra of choice.

On the other side were the guys from Love Yellow, with some very cool graphics on t-shirts, mugs and stationery.

Thanks to everyone who came down and helped out  - ie family and friends - Suz, Kev, Claire, Catrin and Tim, who have helped out so many times with Goodordering. It was also great to have Mia and Otto come down to visit. Thanks also to Neil from tokyobike for your help and support!

Looking forward to our next tradeshow in Berlin in March, its called Berliner Fahrrad Schau. 




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