11 Best Panniers says The Independent

By Jacqui Ma

The Independent Newspaper in UK recently published this article detailing the 11 of the Best Panniers to buy in their shopping guide. Goodordering was lucky enough to be one of them!

 When choosing a bicycle pannier, the key question to ask yourself is what are you using it for and how long is your commute. For short journeys a less expensive one will do the trick especially if you are not likely to be getting completely soaked on your journey. If you are going on a long trip or even going touring on your bicycle then the best bicycle pannier to get would be one that is completely waterproof.

 The other key thing to consider is the volume or number of litres the bag holds. Seeing that the main reason you are considering getting a bicycle pannier in the first place is to carry heavy things. You will need to definitely fit it all in your bag. I once had a customer who wanted a bicycle pannier to carry bulky but not heavy things like pillows around for her job so for that one volume is definitely key. The Goodordering Picnic Pannier is pretty spacious, it’s capacity is 18.5L

 The bicycle pannier brands that made the top 11 on The Independent’s list divide it up into touring and commuting. This is a fair decision I think as ultimately the two functionalities are really different. Someone who wants to commute may find the Ortlieb ‘sack’ a little difficult to find things and be organised with. So therefore the touring top bags include Ortlieb, Vaude, Carradice at £100, Altura £48.95.

 For commuting on the other hand, the best bicycle panniers identified were The Thule Pack’n’Pedal at £100, The Blackburn Wayside backpack Pannier, The Goodordering Picnic pannier and The Pendleton satchel style pannier available at Halfords for £40

 The last three are technically shopper bags that can also attach to your bicycle pannier rack. The top bags in this category were the Basil Blossom, New Loox and the Alban tote bag. All lovely bags! We also think the the Goodordering Market shopper which transforms from a backpack to a shopper and bicycle pannier should win first prize!! This one is the swiss army knife of the bicycle pannier world with ultimate multi-functionality.

 Of course there are so many different places to research buying your ultimate bicycle pannier. There are the standard online bike shops – some of our favourite are The Cycling Store, Cycle Chic and Evans Cycles. Other places to look for new and interesting brands include scouring through crowd funding websites like Kickstarter and Crowd Cube. Often you can be the first of your friends to find out about some really innovative brands here. You can also back projects and get your bags or bicycle panniers at half the price that you would expect at retail simply because you have backed them in the early stages of the business growth.

 Right now, some good friends of ours have a kickstarter campaign with some other types of bike bags – Vel-oh hand-make their bags individually and there is a lot of love and attention that has gone into the details of the bags. For example secret staps that hold your d-lock or transformable straps that allow you to carry your bag in different ways. Check out their kickstarter campaign here.

 In summary, the verdict is that there is a bag for everyone out there you just need to work out what you are looking for. There has been much more choice than ever before in bicycle accessories and bike panniers so do your research and find the right one for you.

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