The Sausages have arrived

By Jacqui Ma

The much anticipated Pencil cases - aka sausages have arrived into the UK and we are really excited to be selling them now on the site and through selected retailers. The bag can be used in a number of different ways either attached to the bicycle using the velcro straps or worn over the body by attaching the adjustable length shoulder strap.

They come in 4 different colours - rust, forest green, maroon and chestnut and are made with the same waterproof fabric and striped lining as the rest of the collection.

There are only a limited number of these available so don't miss out.

Buy your by clicking on this link now: BUY GOODORDERING PENCILCASE



  • Congratulations on your birthday !! I would love a slice of your cake esllicaepy as it is calorie free !!! Wioshing you both many more years to come of happy and crafty blogging.Marie X

    Bsmet on

  • Thanks for shniarg. Always good to find a real expert.

    Midge on

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