Goodordering samples in development

By Jacqui Ma

Its getting to that time of the year... well, sort of, where we are planning new styles for the Goodordering range. We would love to get your comments on two styles which we may be launching in the near future.

Introducing the 'School bag' inspired by the Japanese high school bag. Its a gym tote, a work bag, messenger and whats more it also clips onto the pannier of a bike rack.

The music bag is a thin, lightweight alternative to the classic cycling musette. This bag is inspired by the school music bag carried by young kids to school. The grown up version snuggly and safely carries all your tech-y goods around whilst you glide along on your fixed gear looking cool.



  • paidia geia xara,tha eimaste ekei me roliyaakxa,se kalh katastash gia megaloys kai gia paidia poy exv apo thn korh mou.

    Siya on

  • That saves me. Thanks for being so sesinble!

    Gracelyn on

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