Berliner Fahrrad Schau

By Jacqui Ma

Last weekend we did our very first 'real' trade show, and what a great time we had! It was a bit of an epic mission to Berlin from London but it was well worth while.

We met loads of excellent people, contacts for retail as well as press. But mostly we got to talk to customers who might be the ones to use our bags. Here are a few images of our stand and our adventures in Berlin.


There were some very interesting characters at the show including this guy with his souped up cruiser. The weekend was jam packed with events and demonstrations.

Our neighbours across the way were Specialized. Here is the Goodordering Pannier on their lovely Globe. 

Overall we had a great show and Berliner Fahrrad Schau was a huge success. We hope to be there again next year!



  • Stands back from the keyboard in amneemzat! Thanks!

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  • Swoooon! Ik ben ZO’N fan van mooie fietsen. De enige reden waroam ik nog steeds met een eerder aftands model rond rijdt is dat leven in een studentenstad niet echt de plaats is om een fancy fiets achter te laten… Maar toch, veel langer hou ik het niet meer uit ;) Oh by the way – the song’s called Restless by Kakkmaddafakka, lovely album as well :)

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