Spin London

By Jacqui Ma

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to show our wares at Spin London urban cycling show. It was an action packed 3 days at the Truman Brewery in London's east end. We were able to catch up with lots of familiar faces and also meet some of the people who are buying and stocking our bags in real life... yes in real life. Including Stuart from Bikelands in Exmouth, Lavinia from Cyclechic and Alex from Everyone Bikes.  We also saw some old friends from the cycling scene including James from Kennedy City Bicycles, Rachel from Michaux Club and Otto from Otto London the best ponchos this side of Brazil. 

Here are some photos from the event. Our stand was made from some vintage furniture borrowed from our lovely friend Tim and some shop fittings from our friends at Lock 7. 

We fell in love with this vintage tricycle which also doubled as a perfect storage unit for the Pencil cases. 

This is one of our happy customers! and friend from Wool & The Gang who were also at the show with some of their amazing and very fashionable knitted goods.

One of the coolest things we came across at the show were our neighbours the Swedish company called Hovding that make the world's first air bags for cyclists. The product is worn around the neck and inflates into a bubble style hood upon impact. Its all very technical and we did we a few demonstrations during the show and it was quite spectacular.

All in all, it was a great weekend of total cycling immersion. We received some excellent and very useful feedback about our products which we hope to incorporate going forward. 


Thanks to everyone who came by to say hi and also to everyone supporting us by buying a bag and also spreading the word about Goodordering. We hope to be at Spin London again next year with our new range of bags! Watch this space. 



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