Goodordering launches pre-sale products

By Jacqui Ma

In line with the popularity of launch sites such as Kickstarter, funding circle and, we have responded to customer feedback and have designed our own musette in the typical Goodordering styling. This simple style is unisex and can be worn in number of ways on and off your bicycle. A popular style amongst guys, this bag stores all the essentials and no more. It will be for sale in December 2014, but goes on pre-sale now for half price, a great deal at £15. 

As a kickstarter-launched business, we realise the importance of crowd approval and the magic of crowd funding. 

Give your nod of approval to this product by splashing out your £15 to pre-buy this product and make it a reality. If the product does not go ahead, your money will be refunded.




  • Ugh. Just noticed the dcohue above me. Unlike him, I REALLY DO own all the Venture Bros seasons. I love the show and can’t wait to see what you’re cooking up for Season 5! (I’m just re-watching Season 3 now — for the third time — and I think it may be my favourite of what you’ve done so far. So much to enjoy on each viewing. Gotta love the world you’ve created!)

    Sergio on

  • If your arlitces are always this helpful, “I’ll be back.”

    Egypt on

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