What fits inside my Goodordering

By Jacqui Ma

We had a recent enquiry about what fits inside the side pockets of the Market Shopper. Well, actually this is a good question, because we don't believe that anyone knows just how spacious these side pockets are! 

They were specifically designed to taper out at the top so that it is really easy to pull things out and put things in, especially when you are in a rush. (like on a bicycle at traffic lights!) 

The question we were asked was "would a travel coffee mug fit in the side pocket", and the answer is, well, unless you have a huge one, most likely it will fit.

Needless to say, an umbrella also fits inside the side pocket as well as a big water bottle, a bagette, a bunch of leeks and asparagus. Try it out for yourself!


Please tell us what fits in the side pocket of your Goodorering bag or better yet, please take a photo of it and send it to us so we can add it to our facebook page.





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