Goodordering and Strida

By Jacqui Ma

Recently we had a customer in Japan order a couple of bags and a few weeks later we got to see them on their georgeous white Strida! Designed in the UK and manufactured in Taiwan, these bikes have achieved cult status!

We must say that the Goodordering Pannier and Handlebar bag looked particular handsome on this quirky set of wheels. 


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  • i have a handle bag with a strida. because of how far ahead the handles are on a strida from the steering post, the handle bag will not be upright like in the photos above. once you place something into the handle bag, it will unfortunately slouch forward and risk spilling your contents. the handle bag works nicely with my other bikes, just not the strida.

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  • Thank you for your forum post.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic. Talvy

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