Goodordering and Le club des douze

By Jacqui Ma

We were featured on excellent menswear website/blog Le club des douze last week. We were very excited to see our Goodordering forest green backpack styled next to some very nice brands such as J. Crew, Oliver Spencer and Paul Smith. The trend was called "Sporty Chic". We very much agree!

Check out the full article here:




  • Hmmm, yeah i noticed that too. But i bet he doesn’t ride far or rellay at all with the kid like that. Unless he does then he is crazy and that kid should be placed in the custody of my warsaw bag with a snowmobile helmet! Ganstar, kid in the bag!

    Connie on

  • Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brgeithned my day!

    Dreama on

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