Goodordering Pop-up Shop

By Jacqui Ma

We are having a pop-up, taking advantage of the SAD closing down of our favourite bike shop Lock 7 on Broadway Market, East London. We will be having a few drinks on Thursday the 9th of October followed by a whole weekend of Goodordering fun and crafty frivolities. Please come down and join us, here is the invitation.

And CLICK HERE for the facebook event page with more information.


  • Review by Mac for Rating: This is a great buy for the price. The bag looks very durable with pletny of pockets for all your laptop accessories. My Macbook (13 ) fits perfectly inside though a 15 or 17 might be a tad big lengthwise. The straps are comfortable. It feels light even with my laptop in it. I’ll see how it feels with my school books. Note that there’s also an ipod pocket inside the bag. Overall, for the quality and great price, I’d highly recommend this to anyone!

    Sliman on

  • This is just the peefcrt answer for all of us

    Andie on

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