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By Jacqui Ma

We are on day 2 of 4 days of our pop-up shop at Broadway Market's famous bike shop Lock 7. With a launch party last night, we were a little worse for wear today but powered through with some amazing Dalston Cola! Here are some pics from the event last night and today. We have all sorts of people, young and old, come and take part and we can't wait for the saturday buzz at Broadway Market tomorrow! 

Working hard is Otto, making sure each 80s vintage pin-badge has a home.

Some folk from LA customising their 'faux wood' chestnut backpacks to take back stateside with them today.

The perfect setting for the very first Goodordering pop-up retail experience. The very shop that was inspiration for the original designs. The bikes still hang from the ceiling even though the workshop has now moved about 200 metres down the road.

Matt from New York gangster-ing it up with his hard-ass backpack. 

Our little nuclear family - Mia, Otto and me (jacqui)

Some practice smiling going on to make it look like they are having a much better time than they actually were.

Russel from 'Design to Die For' with one of his kooky creations. He is our surrogate employee and certainly would get employee of the month for all the help he has given us over the last few days.

The lovely Jack from Hackney brewery revealed that in fact, their brewery is located literally 500 metres due west from our venue!

Mia was hard at work with her needle and thread bringing people's designs to life by fixing them onto the bag securely with her seamstress know-how.


With a little help from some fiery spritzers from Dalston Cola! we perked ourselves up for a busy friday of creating and organising as well as taking the opportunity to make some new connections.

The night time drinking crowd are replaced by junior hipsters of the future. I bet she will still have this bag when she turns 18! 

After a slightly slow start to the morning, the craft gloves come off and the fabric tulips come out for a new creation inspired by passing traffic on Broadway Market and the coming of autumn.

Behind the first bag are the group customised bags from last night. You can see a bit of the Hackney brewery joy coming through in the designs.

Trays of patches like pick'n'mix sweets lined up on the table in the store, ready to be selected for a new and one-off design!

Someone has OCD. Mia lined these eyes up. No one dares mess them up.

This little 5 year old selected each of these elements herself carefully, and she was very proud of her creation by the end of it.

and all hopefully captured on social media on the above tags! Check them out. 





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