Meeting an entrepreneur a week - WEEK 1

By Jacqui Ma

I am starting a project where i am hoping to meet and chat with an entrepreneur every week. The reason i am doing this is because I am trying to cheat the system and learn as much as i can about running businesses and being an entrepreneur with the lowest possible risk. I am a busy mum with a job and responsibilities but a huge passion for business and in particular, my Goodordering business which i hope one day to be able to work on full time. This is part of my journey.


Jason Kirk  

Of What business?

Kirk & Kirk

Why they are an entrepreneur?

Because he started an eyewear business 20 years ago with his wife which supported their family for 20 years. When that business ended, he started up a new eyewear business which is potentially now going to be even more successful. He has entrepreneur in his blood because he doesn't always take the easy path.

Why they are amazing and inspiring

Because he encapsulates his brand. He goes out and meets with customers in person without being shy or intimidated. He has unbelievable passion for his industry (and a strong opinion!) and has confidence in his brand and capabilities. He is also really well connected, which I think is a key trait of an entrepreneur.

About his brand

Highly original, and slightly quirky eyewear. Luxury price point and global distribution. 

Advice I got from them

I am employable and fantastic :)

I need to do a business plan, or some sort of pan.

I should have more confidence in my brand.

Even though he didnt have the best experience with investors, I should maybe consider it in the future.

How Im going to follow up?

I am going to contact some distributors. Im going to contact some people he mentioned to me and go out and meet them.

What Im going to do now differently

I am going to pluck up more courage in approaching people in person.


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