Meeting an entrepreneur a week - WEEK 2

By Jacqui Ma


Rachel Morgan 

Of What business?

Rachel Morgan Therapies

Why they are an entrepreneur?

Because she is running a fantastic holistic therapy business in a shared room in Hackney. She transitioned by dropping down to 3 days a week from her previous job.

Why they are amazing and inspiring

Because she provides a high quality product (yes I had to try it out for myself) She is sensible and business minded whilst still pursuing her life dream.

About her brand

Rachel Morgan Therapies She has a clear vision; My intention is to bring high-quality, affordable and accessible complementary therapy to my local community. Thats Hackney, a traditionally poor borough and my local community too.

Advice or inspiration I got from her

Its ok to transition slowly and sensibly from a full time job. Think about clever ways to keep costs down whilst the business is growing.

How Im going to follow up?

I am going to look at working out at what point this transition can happen for me based on some mathematical calculations(get the abacus out)

Im going to get regular treatments from her and support local Hackney businesses whenever I can.

What Im going to do now differently

Whilst I was blissed out experiencing my Holistic facial massage, I thought it would be great idea to start meeting more people like her and start documenting it here on this blog. I also hope to keep in touch with her and get more facial treatments so that I can relax a bit more and try to keep my workaholic tendencies under control.



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