Meeting an entrepreneur a week - WEEK 3

By Jacqui Ma

Week 3, 14 Feb 2014


Kitty (Cath) Prisk

Of What business?

Outdoor people ( social enterprise and outdoor gear retailer.

Why they are an entrepreneur?

Because she has built a boutique business with different revenue streams – retail, consultancy and charity.

Why they are amazing and inspiring

Kitty seems to live, breath and eat outdoors and adventure. She knows her products inside out and is a great and inspiring sales person! Trust me, I stood next door to her in a Broadway Market stall!

About her brand

Her brand Outdoor people is a social enterprise which incorporates activities such as taking underprivileged children on camping trips, recycling outdoor equipment, and giving back to the community whilst also making a living and building a business.

Advice or inspiration I got from her

To sell myself in order to sell my product. She also taught me the importance of authenticity in business. 

How Im going to follow up?

Im going to get more involved in my industry. I need to connect with industry players and people with parallel products to mine, both in real life and through social media.

What Im going to do now differently

Sell myself in order to sell and build my business. Dont hide behind my computer!


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