Meeting an entrepreneur a week - WEEK 4

By Jacqui Ma

“You need faith in yourself and in your plan and you must find the nerve to keep going.” Adam Bryer, Rojas Ubrique

As an update, I am starting a project where i am hoping to meet and chat with an entrepreneur every week. The reason I am doing this is because I am trying to cheat the system and learn as much as i can about running businesses and being an entrepreneur with the lowest possible risk. I am a busy mum with a full time job and responsibilities but a huge passion for business and in particular, my business, Goodordering which I hope one day will be successful enough for me to be able to make a decent living from. This is part of my journey.

Who are we meting this week: Adam Bryer

Of What business?:
Rojas Ubrique - a manufacturer of luxury leather goods based in Andalusia. With a wide range of clients based in Europe, USA and Asia, the company has been going since 2012. Adam started the company with his wife Mercedes whose family had a tannery in previous generations.

Why is he an entrepreneur?
He gave up a life in London as an investment banker and risked all that to move to a small town in the south of Spain and open a business in an area he didn’t have a huge amount of experience in. He has made changes to the business model since he started in 2012 to ensure success.

Why is he amazing and inspiring?
Adam chose a slower lifestyle over the fast paced London life. With that comes the risk of boredom, grass is greener syndrome and fitting into a new culture that he was not originally part of. Spain is so well known for their manufacture of luxury leather goods and his choice to be part of this slow movement keeping this history industry alive is remarkable and inspiring.

About his brand:
Adam and his wife's business was originally an agent or middle man between manufacturers and customers offering the missing link of excellent customer service. But after a year and half of working this way, Adam realized that they were only going to be able to get the quality and control that they wanted by doing everything themselves. Since then, they have set up their own manufacturing facility. This huge amount of investment and capital means they are now very committed.

Advice or inspiration I got from him:
Learn fast. Make changes if required, be ruthless if necessary. I bet a lot of training from his years in investment banking has played a role in his current venture. Adam and Mercedes’ aim is to become one of the leading manufactures in Ubrique, and I bet they will achieve this. Their clear vision must certainly keep them focussed on what they need to do daily to get to this point.

How I’m going to follow up?
I would love to go and visit their manufacturing facility one day!

What I’m going to do differently NOW?
I am going to consider taking bigger risks with my business and also look closely at whether, 2 years down the line with Goodordering, whether I need to make big changes which will allow me to head in the right direction.


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