An entrepreneur a week - No.6

By Jacqui Ma

“Ironically, I nearly failed my entrepreneurship class at university”

 Who are we meting this week: Andreas Kambanis

 Of What business?:

London Cyclist, arguably the biggest, most popular cycling blog for Londoners.

 Why is he an entrepreneur?

Because he spotted a gap in the market in basic cycling information and advice. When he first started cycling to work he wanted to know things like what lock to buy, what are the good bike routes around town etc. Over time he started to get lots of traffic and comments leading him to realize that there was a full time job opportunity in what started as his hobby.

 Whilst keeping London Cyclist ticking over nicely, he then started an iphone App company which has launched him into business success. His company Nibble Apps is also about the biggest trend of the moment – healthy eating. Catchy app names such as “Fit Men Cook” also help.

 Why is he amazing and inspiring:

He is a humble guy and approachable guy that you would never know is a successful entrepreneur. He still talks about his business as “a lot of fun”. He shares a lot of his business insights in interviews and podcasts which indicates a level of confidence in his own ability to re-create and re-produce ideas and products. He truly sees ideas as an evolution and a unlimited stream rather than a finite resource. This is truly inspirational.

 About his business:

On the cycling side of things, the London Cyclist blog combined with his launch of an e-book has resulted in 5000 subscribers and 10,000+ twitter followers. This makes him a very influential figure in the London cycling scene from which he was able to leverage into his app business. I won’t even go into his app business here including a number 1 best selling app called ‘Fit Men Cook’ needless to say, it is much larger than his significant success in the cycling blog business.

 Advice or inspiration I got from him:

Focus your passion and skills on finding solutions for problems affecting a large enough group of people. Then you're in business! For example, Andreas' first iPhone app was built for cyclists who wanted to maintain their bikes themselves. It helped people save money on bike repairs - and it quickly topped the App Store charts.

 How I’m going to follow up?          

I’m dreaming about apps now!

 What I’m going to do now differently

I’m going to look at my business in a different way. It should be not a static concept but a potentially ever-evolving project.


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