Manufacturing Sneak peaks

By Jacqui Ma

The navy blue musette is going to be one of my favourites! Here it is on the right in the above photo.

The musette in green, these are the back panels with the reflective tape stitched on waiting to be attached to the front panel.

The foam mats which fit snugly into the handlebar bag, perfect for picnics, and nappy changing on the go if you have one of those little pip squeaks.

This piece is the inside panel of the messenger, zip the back cover down and you get this view. This just goes to show just how many elements there are involved in constructing one of these bags.

This is a pile of ALOT of adjustable shoulder straps. Not sure which style these are for. Its really becoming clear to me just how many bags are on their way to us from across the oceans! OMG.


The picnic pannier is taking shape here with the handles being stitched into the white horizontal panels. We really can't wait to get these out there!

Here are some shoulder straps of the mini backpacks. How dinky and cute these are!


And we couldn't resist but to order a bunch of these saddle bags. This time we got cardboard cores inserted in them so they keep their shape whilst they are shipped over.

Handlebar bags as far as the eye can see! 


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