Prudential Ride London 2015

By Jacqui Ma

We were chuffed to be involved in Ride London again this year. Last weekend we got up at the crack of dawn and headed down to the historic and beautiful Leadenhall Market to set up our stall outside Pizza express.

Mia even picked out some uniforms for us - apparently vintage Norwegian navy uniforms which were quite apt... (not), but looked the part! 


There were so many families at the event which was the most amazing thing about it. I saw bicycles, tricycles, bikes with double kids seats and tiny young kids on racers! i was blown away and seriously impressed by the encouragement that some parents have with getting their kids on bicycles at such a young age.

Selling their wares at the market were some old friends and also some new brands that i did not know about like my favourite Bike Nicks by Lili Miller who is also an awesome yoga instructor.  Her brand makes padded cycling lingerie which i think could be used for a number of different sports and activities, one being the avoidance of camel toe.

The thing about them is they look pretty sexy too. Watch out Marks and Spencers!

Patrick from Plume (retractable mud guards) made me tired just watching him dart around like a ball of energy! They put on a great show right where we were standing, i think they called it foxtail, where each bicycle had a feather duster fox tail attached to a party popper at the back of the bike. the riders have to circle eachother and try to grab one another's tail out. The bike with the last tail left wins. A simple game but it was hilarious to watch!

And this lovely lady, the winner of one of the foxtail pursuits is Esther from House of Astbury. Her brand is super cool, part punk, part active, part activist, this feminist brand oozes independence and creativity, i loved hearing the story about how her brand has evolved over the last couple of years. The reflective cat and the thunder thighs leggings makes this brand humorous as well as functional and cool. Its a perfect example of where sports doesn't need to mean flawless unattainable perfection, but actually stands for fun, involvement and individuality.

As expected, and like every bike event i seem to turn up at, the red beetle is not far behind, usually being driven by my friend Russell from Hackney GT. We always seem to have a good chat, even if its just a quick one over a crap coffee and between customers. This time Russell was showing his new Made in England range which was as usual, creative, artistic and understatedly cool. Russell puts on a number of events which are seriously serious when it comes to pushing the boundaries of cycling stamina, like for example, you are not going to catch me dead doing a cyclo-X any time soon - 100km of riding through marsh land, carrying your bicycle and basically getting very tired and dirty. Russell always looks so clean so i really can't imagine him doing it! 

London Bike Kitchen also represented at the market on the weekend. Seeing Jenni wandering around, you always know you are in good company. LBK were running wheel lacing lessons on the day and we also managed to catch up for a quick chat.

Aside from all the fellow exhibitors, there were also some pretty awesome customers there at the show. We at Goodordering even had quite a few return customers who came back to buy more styles. These two dusted off their tandem for the weekend and rode along to the event. They were so nice, loved Goodordering and were really funng. A lovely guy also came over and showed us the bag he cycled thousands of miles around Spain and France on and managed to bring it back in one piece. Hooray! (here is a twitter pic of him!)

What a legend!!

This young lady was truly chanelling tarzan on two wheels with her matching leopard print bicycle, helmet AND converse! what a co-ordinated little thing, i loved it. 

And just to mix the cycling styles up a little bit, no bike show is complete without a bit of Frinton Flyers with Rosie (shown above) who does the custom paint jobs.. and swings a baseball bat around a lot too. Their custom designed and built cruisers are legendary.


Here we are, Mia and I - team Goodordering at your service. We really enjoyed the day, getting out there and chatting with customers and fellow bike obsessives. We managed to sell some bags as well as get some invaluable feedback about the new styles and colours. Our main observations were that people gave the thumbs up to our new graphite colourway.

 We loved hanging with familiar faces from Vel-oh, and Hill & Ellis who both do some lovely mouth watering bags, completely different and unique in their own ways, both of which i want!! 

A huge thanks to Alex and Chloe from Spin London who are so dedicated to getting this industry up and running in London by organising this event which is getting better and better each year. Looking forward to taking part again in it next year!

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  • Jacqui & Mia

    Thanks for the mention. It’s was my first ever Bike nicks stall…

    I arrive at about the same time as you both. You looked fabulous in you ‘uniforms’ surrounded by all your beautiful bags.

    I enjoyed every minute and loved the camaraderie of the whole day. Lili x

    Lili Millar on

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