6 Reasons to wear a bicycle helmet

By Jacqui Ma

I am a big fan of the bicycle helmet. Mainly due to safety reasons and partially due to fashion reasons too. These days there are so many fantastic helmet brands around, and its not hard to find the right helmet that suits your needs. Whether you have a pony tail you need to deal with (like me) or whether its ventilation that is your key concern, here are 6 fantastic bicycle helmets to help convert you.


I was not sure about Yakkay when i first saw them a few years ago in the bike shop below my flat. But this love/hate opinion is exactly what makes me love them so much now. This image below shows a dark denim cap cover which is extremely cool, but they are really well known for their slightly off-beat palette of tweeds and tartans. I love how they sit on the head too, slightly high- like an equestrian helmet. There is nothing discreet about this brand's offering. Of course like most things cool in the world of design, it is a Danish company, and i like particularly love their tongue in cheek but probably quite appropriate tag line "Brainwear for smart people". You must check out their other styles here. 



If you have a pony tail and you are trying to use that as an excuse not to wear a helmet, well think of a better excuse. Aside from the beautiful, smooth matt finishes and streamlined beauty, this German, Hamberg based brand brings a certain elegance to the world of cycling helmets. I particularly love that when i used google to translate their company information page, it translated the brand name to "Hubcap Hamburger", i think if they ever wanted to launch a spin-off brand, Hubcap Hamburger would catch on pretty well. Everyone, Radkappe is RAD.



I have been a fan of this helmet for a long time, the slick, simple design seems like a no-brainer really. Although it only reduces the size of the overall package by a modest 20% its just those extra few inches that really make all the difference. The most exciting thing is their collaboration with Brooks England really establishes this design as a serious contender for my helmet dollar. The added ventilation that comes with the concertina design makes this item really practical, understandable and a winning product.



Hand painted and safety certified helmets by Inkwell.  A brand out of the USA, each helmet is unique and hand painted with love and care. You can be sure that the paint won't come off either. Started by a talented NYU student Danielle Baskin, you can read more about the story behind her brand here on her blog. Its not often you see something different happening in the world of helmets, i love this hand crafted approach. You only have one head, so why not treat with a little personal touch.



This helmet looks like its walked off the set of Tron. I absolutely love the mechanical highly engineered look of it. It comes from French design studio Agency 360, and no surprise it was designed in collaboration with engineer Philippe Arrouart. I have had the pleasure to see one of these in real life, demonstrated to me at a bike show by a massive fan. He folded it in seconds and almost shoved it in his pocket, showing that a) it has super fan users and b) it does look very cool in a retro way in real life. I really would want to get my hands on one of these asap. And i can because they only retail for around 75 euros which i think is an absolute bargain.



Technically this is not a helmet but it does do the same trick, in fact, its a sci-fi helmet designed by those design savvy Swedes. I have seen this demonstrated a few times at Spin London and it looked like it worked pretty well. They are a one use only product but hopefully you won't need to use it all that often and if it does get activated, you can buy a new one at a fraction of the original price. Speaking about price, it is expensive, at £249, its quite an investment but its about time a revolution happen in the cycling helmet space. You can buy them at one of my favorite bike shops Push Cycles at Newington Green, East London


So there, whether you are into space saving, getting a unique look or slick Scandi design, i'm sure you will and should get your hands on one of these products to put on your noggin and not just protect it should you have an accident but also to set a good example to youngsters and kids on the importance of safety equipment when cycling.  



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