10 reasons why you should not beat yourself up about having a messy house

By Jacqui Ma

“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” Albert Einstein

We all need a little bit of order, but below are 10 reasons why you should not beat yourself up about having a messy home.


  1. Because when you visit other people’s houses they normally tidy up before you come so it seems like their house is tidier than yours but its not true

  2. Because you spend your weekends going out and having fun not at staying at home being anally retentive
  3. Because its just going to get messy again in a few days

  4. Because relaxing and unwinding is more important
  5. Because its more realistic and sustainable to have an 80% tidy house than a 100% tidy house

  6. Because its just not your personality, and its too late to change it

  7. Because you might need some of those plastic bags / envelopes / markers / tuppaware countainers one day.

  8. Because if it was spotless you would have nothing to do on those lazy Sunday afternoons

  9. Because it makes your friends feel more comfortable coming over to a house that looks lived in, they can relax and not feel like they are messing everything up. Time this by 10 if they have kids
  10. Because creative genius’ often have mess desks – read this


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