What you said

By Jacqui Ma

Thank you to all you 65 people who filled in our customer survey, from this information, it gives us a really clear snapshot of who our customers are right now in October 2015.

Whilst the original designs were focussed on women cyclists, we found some men also really liked the brand. So either men don't like filling out surveys or we were right about our target audience being 90% women and 10% men.

Here we talk about age. We were very curious as to what age group buys into Goodordering and we were surprised to see quite an even spread across 25 to 65 year olds. We feel that 

Although our bags are cycling bags, Goodordering bags can be used on and off the bike. This above data is good for us because it shows that approximately the same amount of people use our bags who cycle only a couple of times per month or never at all as people who cycle most days. We feel that the bags are stylish and cool first and useful and functional as a bonus.

This question above was asked so we could get an idea of where our customer's shop. 

So, the top 10 things that people keep in their Goodordering bags are 

Documents, glasses, nappies, bikelock, tools, toiletries, change of clothes, notebooks, books and stationery. The usual suspects but helpful nonetheless for thinking about the design of future products and how the changing habits of consumers can be addressed in the design process.







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