The factory

By Shopify

In early June of 2012, and 3 months pregnant, i thought i would go and visit the factory in Shenzhen. It was a necessary trip to progress the design side but also to check out the factory, the conditions, the neighbourhood and also to meet some of the people who were going to be making these bags.

At the factory I met Calvin, the factory manager, went to the local fabric markets in Shenzhen which was about 2 hours drive away and met the sample makers, working on the range of bags. It was definitely worth the trip.


  • Your vintage wddieng dress must be looking very nice. I am still struggling on whether to order a tailor-made wddieng dress (a budget one, not a pricy one). I will definitely rent one with long tail for my church ceremony, but still thinking of making a simple one for outdoor photo-shooting.

    MariaRegies on

  • Going to put this arlctie to good use now.

    Yelhsa on

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