The Photoshoot

By Jacqui Ma

In the spirit of lean start-ups, and keeping costs to a minimum, a friend with photographic connections and my trusty assistant/partner Mia set off to take the photos of the bags for this site. We gathered our bags and borrowed a lovely bike from the bike shop downstairs from our flat in Broadway market and with a trusty G11, we snapped away. Here are a few behind the scenes pics, we owe Gary at big thanks and a dinner out very soon.




  • Hi friend,I see the Rugged cissalc bacpack and I’m very interested in this bacpack. It’s very nice.I would like to buy a backpack like the video, for years I am looking for a well. Where I can get? Online you sell it?I’m from Spain.Thank you very much.

    Aurore on

  • I love these ariesltc. How many words can a wordsmith smith?

    Patsy on

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