The Video Shoot

By Jacqui Ma

 Today we executed our much (semi) planned video shoot for Goodordering. Its for a kickstarter video which we are hoping to be able to raise some funds from. Our good friend Tim was director/cameraman/editor and the video featured Mia, myself and special guests Catrin and little Luka. We started the day off at Tower Bridge and then continued back in East London - along the canal between Broadway Market and Victoria Park. Here are some photos from the day.

Mia riding by Tower Bridge 

Mia cruising along by City Hall, trying to avoid the guards who tell you not to ride too fast. As she was using Jacqui's fixed gear bike she was a bit wobbly but you can't really tell.


Catrin and Luka by the canal at Broadway market, ready to do their 'down the stairs' scene with the Handlebar bag.


Tim, Mia and Darwy our mascot at home between scenes.


Mia posing with the shopper/backpack at the start of the market, ready to negotiate the crowds lining up for hog roast.

We ended the day shooting in the bicycle shop downstairs from our flat, Lock 7 which we love. It was an exhausting day, and we couldn't find the right cable to download the footage, but we are continuing tomorrow so stay tuned for the video!


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