By Jacqui Ma

 Today, we have 14 days left of our kickstarter fund raising campaign which is quite exciting. Its saturday morning and there are always lots of really bicycles around our neighbourhood because of the Saturday markets which are on here in east London - Broadway Market.

I printed out some little flyers last night and today i went around and did some gorilla marketing by tying them on people's racks. 

Who knows maybe it will help to spread the Goodordering word! So if you find one on your bicycle... it was me!




  • Wow this is amazing I hope to grow up just as happy and free sipeitrd as you girls! Im going to show these clips to my nan to give her a little happy boost shes 89. Thankyou x

    Juwitacinta on

  • Now I’m like, well duh! Truly thukafnl for your help.

    Crissy on

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