By Jacqui Ma

This is the embroidered inside tag which i really like. There is a pre-conceived idea about goods manufactured in China which i am hoping to dispel. China is no longer the cheapest place to manufacture low quality goods, in fact, its now costing more and more and rightfully so. Back in June 2012, I went to visit the factory in Shenzhen. I met a lot of the people who will be making these bags, including the highly skilled sample makers who are very impressive and know exactly what they are doing and talking about. I walked around the factory and got to understand the issues and challenges that they face. The factory where Goodordering bags are made was really impressive, manufacturing some really big brands, including Toshiba, Hewlett Packard and other big laptop brands. This is actually the most amazing marriage as the strengths of the factory are all about structure, padding and protection, which is what my bags are all about. I would really love to be able to go and visit the factory again when manufacturing is full steam ahead, but who knows. Either way i will be definitely be going back to the factory some time soon and really value the relationship i have with Mathias, Calvin, and the rest of the team.



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