Pannier attachment details

By Jacqui Ma

 Here are some more detailed photos of how the panniers and handle bar bags attach to the bicycle. 

The handle bar bag fits well on a wide range of handle bar styles from drop bars to straighter forms.

I have also shown here the bags attached onto a straighter, higher handle bar. The shoulder strap attached directly to the clips at the base of the bag. 

You can see here how the handle bar bag sits high on the handlebar due to the way the straps sit. I did quite a bit of experimentation to stop the bag rolling forward. The wide open pockets on either side of the bag allow quick access to items such as mobile phone or water bottle.

Here is a photo of the back of the pannier. With a similar fixing style to the handle bar bag, the straps ensure that the bags pushes back onto the bike at the base so that the bag naturally does not push out when riding. The bag is detached from the rack in seconds  using the two swivel clips.

The Shopper is also fitted with similar pannier straps. Here it is sitting on this vintage frame. 

Due to the webbing straps, the bags fit to racks of all shapes and sizes, this versatile attachment design is quick to attach/detach. The webbing straps are also really strong and hard wearing. No hard plastic bits that stick out, its all a softer approach to attaching the pannier to the rack.

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  • It seems redundant to carry the extra tube AND the tire patch kit, ulenss you are going for an extended tour, in which case you might want to bring an extra tire and more tools.I used to bring both, but now I leave the patch kit at home and only bring the extra tube with tire levers.What do others think? Do you carry both?

    Sonia on

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