By Jacqui Ma

Yesterday some very nice friends helped me to unpack a 40 foot container with 520 boxes containing the much anticipated bags. I had been waiting for this day for months. The container pulled up at 11am and we had 3 hours to unload or we would incur a penalty. Buying these guys lunch and beers after doesn't even begin to cover my gratitude!

The lorry pulling into the unloading bay, what a moment!

This is the view of the seemingly never ending expanse of bags!

The machine aka Sharky, dressed fit for purpose in cycling Lycra to unload the truck, once he started he was unstoppable.

Finally we reached the end, all the bags needed to be stacked in a logical manner in the units, ready for the next stage, picking and packing the orders. Even little Otto helped out by being a very good little mascot for the day.

Now that the bags are all here we will be posting them out as fast as we can, we are so grateful to all our kickstarter supporters so hopefully all those orders will be out by the end of this week.



  • At the moment I re-ach for my bag with re-ady arms but am disnaertehed when I re-alise it has re-duced to threads because it has been re-used so much. At the moment I walk around with a bag that needs to be re-placed with a more re-fined style, I am re-ady to make a change and re-tire my old bag to the back of my cupboard. If I got a new bag it would be a re-lief and those around me would re-act with re-spect on the street. Others around me would have a re-ason to bow down and plead for a bag like mine. I would re-turn to my house re-assured that my re-spect has been re-stored.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE 5

    Peto on

  • That’s way more clever than I was exgeitcnp. Thanks!

    Fantine on

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