Goodordering in retail

By Jacqui Ma

So now that all (or almost all) the Goodordering kickstarter rewards have been sent out. The bags have been making their way into various retail outlets. This is great as it means that people can have a proper poke around of the products and have a feel of the fabrics and construction before their buy them. Some of the exciting news is that the bags are now available from Seattle to Melbourne and hopefully soon in Moscow and Krakow. It is really exciting for me to see the bags available all around the globe. 

Check out the Stockists page.

The storage units in Barking where we are keeping all the bags are slowly but surely become less full! Otto and I have been making regular trips to the unit to collect bags to send out to customers. 

Here are a few pictures of our home stockroom which i am not managing to keep all that organised!

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  • Hi I have just purchased the SD2501 and want to try the spicy fruit loaf. The recieps only include the recipe for NZ (twice). Can someone please let me know the correct ingredients for Australia?

    Hong on

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