The Design Museum's Cycle Revolution Exhibition

By Jacqui Ma

Last week i visited the Design Museum in London for this must-see exhibition for any cycling fan. Shad Thames is a place where you really feel the epic scale of London and all its beauty. What better way to get there than cycling, however as i was with a 3 year old toddler, i decided to make his day and get the bus.

As you do with any trip to a museum, we started with a spot of lunch and a flat white. With my journalistic background i managed to get my way in and ended up spending all my money in the shop afterwards! 

The epic diversity of cycling really came through loud and clear at #cyclerevolution starting with this huge poster showing

The staircase up the central section of the museum is decorated with an industrial sculpture of bicycle frames. A true symbol the rustic, straight-forward nature of cycling. Pedal power is such a simple concept at the heart of it.

Not really sure what all these signs are about on the stair well up, they were kind of entertaining and i guess they relate to road biking and being out on the road especially in an urban setting.

My son and i loved the matt black tape which leads the way up the stairs and into the exhibition space. Tyre treads in all different patterns and widths which branch off as you reach the main area.

The graphic lines of the tape against this marble floor started to build up the excitement of what was to come... and it didn't disappoint. I am so curious as to what it will be like at the new location for the Design Museum when it moves next year to Kensington.  It must have to be a great thing given the location will be larger and closer to the rest of the London museum quarter.

Some of the best bits of the exhibition were the video footage and interviews showing in the theatre section. The future of cycling in urban settings is really the big question of this generation. As more and more people are realising that cycling to work for commuting is really the most sensible thing to do, we need more safe superhighways to make these journeys safer and faster.


This whole left side of the exhibition seems to be dedicated to commuter / vintage / everyday cycling. There is a huge array of interesting bikes from cargo bikes to folding bikes and bikes to put the kids in. I loved seeing this, it was so interesting to see the design evolution of these bikes which in some way were so diverse but in other ways so iconic and unchanging.

Here are some workshop style exhibits that brings the heritage of cycling to life within the nice clean museum setting. The exhibition overall was really inspirational and inclusive and i hope may have inspired a lot of people to dust off their vintage bicycle and go for a spin around the block!

And then... back to the shop, my favorite bit. It was so nice to see some of my favorite local cycling brands on sale at the museum shop. Items for everyday people to jazz up their cycling wardrobe!

And nice to see our #Goodordering picnic pannier on the online Design Museum shop alongside brands such as Otto London, Hill and Ellis, and Hiplok.

And here we are outside looking at our favorite bridge in London - Tower Bridge. On our way to town for some more cultural activities... we ended up at the Museum of Transport after this strangely enough, which we are regulars at!


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