The London Bike Show

By Jacqui Ma

The London bike show 2016 edition was on last weekend and i decided to pop by to check it out and say hi to some friends. Here are some of my highlights from the show.

 Cycloc, I have been a fan of this brand from the start, I love their mix between design objects and bike kit. They have some pretty cool products that help to store your bike into your home or office. Its good old industrial design which is where i started off in my creative career yonks ago.

The most interesting things going on in the bike industry right now is tech related. Blaze is part tech start-up and part brilliant product company. Their original front light shines an icon of bike onto the road in front increasing cycle safety and more importantly awareness. They also have some new products which are equally as impressive. This company is a real inspiration to me personally and I love hearing about how their company is growing and evolving.

Litelok is another seriously impressive company started by Neil Barron in a kickstarter campaign last year. They smashed their £20K target, raising £232K in a month with their revolutionary light lock made with aeronautics and astronautics technology. It blows my mind. I guess their next challenge is getting their lock out there in the general cycling marketplace. At £80 rrp its really not bad at all, as most good bike locks out there cost about the same price.

I loved the Velorution stand this year at the show. It was MASSIVE! They showcased a number of brands that i really like including Overade folding helmets which i have previously shouted out about here in my article about bike helmets

 The helmets are part of a bunch of helmets on the market that fold or concertina to become smaller and more easily pack-away-able. It was also interesting to see that larger brands like Abus - more known for the bike locks than helmets, also offered a new 'eco-friendly bike helmet which curiously uses cardboard as a shock absorbing material. You can read more about this helmet here.

 The fact that more people seem to be wearing helmets here in the UK where they are not compulsory is probably a good thing. I'm still looking for the perfect helmet that i can wear with my top knot! 

This is Swiftly Scooters, the best, fastest and cutest scooters around. They are revolutionizing the bike industry two wheels at a time, getting more people to power their own commutes and adventures. Run by super couple Camilla and Jason, the brand has gone from strength to strength and was in prime position at Selfridges when Velorution had their pop up there last summer.

Lumo is wearable tech in the flesh, a real life product that tastefully incorporates lighting into apparel. The apparel itself is beautifully designed and finished and everything about this brand is slick. Including Lucy and Doug the brains and genius behind this brand. We should all be keeping an eye on this company. Alongside my brand Goodordering and a bunch of other UK bike brands, they are also going to be showing at Berlin Fahrradschau next month.

There were plenty of interactive elements at the show too, with this demo area which was a popular designation for kids and anyone else who wanted test drive something. Overall the show was good and i thought it was interesting that it was combined with the London Outdoors show, the Dive Show and the Triathlon show. There were times i wasn't sure which show i was actually in, but as there was the common thread of them all being active shows it was fine, although epic-ly big!

About the Author
Jacqui Ma is the Director of Footwear & Accessories at WGSN, she is also the founder and designer of cycling bag company Goodordering. With 10 + years working in product design, trends, and manufacturing, her expertise lies in  fashion, accessories, footwear, innovation, business and content strategy.  


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