Goodordering in Taiwan

By Jacqui Ma

We are doing a bit of an Asian tour at the moment and checking out the U-bikes in Taipei, the city bicycle hire scheme. Keep an eye out for our limited edition bags inspired by our little trip! Here is a clue.

We also found a fantastic bike shop called Lane and Trip, specialising in Bromptons and Moultons - a little blast of UK in Asia - here is their website: If you also love coffee and are in the neighbourhood, the whole street has a variety of amazing boutiques and coffee houses.

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  • Taiwan – Touch Your Heart這標語基本上是一個錯誤的英語, 觀光局辯稱這是從歌詞"Taiwan Will Touch Your Heart"省略而來, 殊不知這will不能亂省, 一省就變成命令語氣, 主詞全變了 請看外國人的評語:Comments by the foreign totiusrs the slogan is supposed to appeal to: A: The national tourism bureau’s slogan is “Taiwan, Touch Your Heart”. Grammatical shortfalls and all, sometimes it really does do that! 好吧 起碼這位遊客喜歡台灣 B: “Taiwan touch your heart”, for example, makes no grammatical sense in any language I can think of, and if the mandarins in Taipei’s tourist office have even thought of a slogan to attract visitors to Asia’s concrete jungle, it would have to be “Please Come to Taipei”, which is grammatically correct but, at best, a little on the desperate side. C: The problem is that it’s an instruction — and a strange, meaningless one — rather than a slogan. “Touches your heart” works as a slogan, since it’s a statement; but “touch your heart” merely prompts the question “Why are they asking me to touch my heart?” 可是這種語氣分別 甚至連有的英文系學生也不會分辨 D: I never criticize the English used in such advertising banners in Japan and Taiwan, nor matter how ungrammatical it may be. Grammar isn’t the point. They’re meant to communicate a feeling, not a specific fact that requires grammatical English. They grab your attention, perhaps because their English is mangled in a way that makes you think long and hard about the message. Anyone who expects grammatical English and standard usage from such sources of English is crazy and a person with no heart to touch. Ignore the idiots. 這話似褒實貶 十足白人帝國主義主子看第三世界心態 如果我們的觀光局 是故意用不合文法的英文 來製造符合東方主義的異國情調 以引起外人注意 well 那我夫復何言 不過 我想觀光局罪不致此 對語文的認識也智不及此 他們之所以寫出Taiwan, Touch Your Heart這種句子 之所以認為will可以隨便省略 最多 只是英文版三隻小豬與罄竹難書級的笑話 只表示我們英語教育的失敗與整體程度的低落

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