Black and White High Fashion Bicycle Bags

By Jacqui Ma

If you have ever thought that cycling into work is just going to make you look like a sweaty dag, the think again because now, more then ever there are cycling accessories that will a) take the load off your back and b) make you look cooler than any tube-taking sucker! 

This range of bags by designed by Jacqui Ma at Goodordering, East London bag company is an exclusive colourway in collaboration with The Cycling Store. So its only available for a limited time to buy <RIGHT HERE> at The Cycling Store. (

Goodordering, East london bag company high fashion cycling bags

The photos that you see right here were taken by Jake Lewis lovingly styled by none other than the founder of The Cycling Store, Naomi Mahendran. Naomi and Jacqui Ma - founder of Goodordering, have been collaborating over the last year upping the ladies cycling game from their roots in East London. Read more about the duo here on the

Goodordering bicycle pannier

The idea of the collaboration came when the two decided to collaborate on a three month pop-up shop in London's fashionable Broadway Market from June - August 2016. From a business perspective it started as a way to share resources and streamline processes. Saving money on everything from rent to photographers, "it just made sense" said Mahendran. Small businesses struggle as it is with money as well as time, so sharing the shop keeping responsibilities help the two businesses in so many ways.

Goodordering market shopper bicycle pannier

Ma described "one of the toughest parts of being a founder is the loneliness and isolation, you need people to bounce ideas off... we would sit outside Il Cudega, (the italian restaurant next door to the pop-up and come up with more actionable ideas in 2 hours than in two weeks if we were doing it alone!"  

Goodordering bicycle handlebar bag

The Cycling Store, housed at Fount London, an innovative pop up space, also owned by two strong ladies was a huge inspiration to Jacqui and Naomi. The Cycling Store became the venue to regular cycling parties including product launches, get togethers and general networking amongst bike clubs and bike businesses. 

The two entrepreneurs have many more plans ahead, already excited about their next venture which will definitely be involving bicycles and fashion. Stay tuned to find out more about whats coming up for The Cycling Store and Goodordering for Christmas and into 2017. 

<<Want to elevate your cycling style. Then get your hands on one of Goodordering's limited edition bicycle bags in collaboration with The Cycling Store, Hackney. Jacqui Ma and Naomi Mahendran have teamed up on this great range of bicycle friendly bags.>>


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