Getting ready for NYC

By Jacqui Ma

I am going to New York! Its a work trip to investigate export opportunities for Goodordering. I'm crashing a trip with Enterprise Nation, its a Go Global Mission, all about fashion, beauty and accessories.

The bowery new york

To get the most out of the trip i have to uh get to the airport on time, and not forget my passport. Actually, last time i had a disaster at the airport it was because i brought someone else's passport with me.

We will be holding up Pop-up shop in Chinatown NYC as well as zip around town learning from other businesses that have opened up shop in New York. When spending cash travelling for work (and lumping my other half with full parental duties) i need to have some goals, and these are them:

* identify 2-3 new stockists for Goodordering bags
* present and get feedback on the new glasses and TFL range 
* create some content for social media

Brooklyn bridge new york

These things are not going to do themselves, so some preparation is in order, the things i need to do before i go (i have 3 days)

* email my current stockists in NY to tell them i'm coming and invite them to the popup
* mine all the NYC contacts of my team at Goodordering to make sure that we invite anyone we know over there
* look up some NY based bloggers to see if they also want to come say hi at our popup shop
* look up some other brands or stores i want to check out whilst i'm there for some brand positioning / competitor research

packing my bags for new york

Other prep i need to do:

* change my phone to an O2 business account so i can use the £7.50 for 24 hours unlimited data ! yessssss! (i only just realised that this would be beneficial to me
* work out pricing of any bits and pieces i would like to sell whilst over there. (convert from £ to US$)
* pack my shopify card reader so i can take card payments whilst i'm there
* clear all the garbage off my phone so can can have enough space to take some videos whilst i'm there
* pick up camera lens from camera lens fixing shop

Goodordering pop up shop in nyc wth enterprise nation

Who i have to thank for the trip coming up:

* Mia for looking after otto whilst i'm gone
* Enterprise nation for bringing me along and organising a great trip thats so important for small businesses
* O2 for helping me to afford to go on this trip, i'll be making some content whilst i'm on the trip that will be shared by o2 and published on some of their social media channels, to share some of the highlights of the trip!

Details about our NY popup <click this link for invite>

Sunday 16th July 2017, 10am - 4pm
Location: HSBC bank 58 Bowery, New York 10013



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