Goodordering mini backpacks

By Jacqui Ma

We love a good flat lay and we had a lot of fun with on our latest shoot of the new Mini-backpack. The concept of the shoot was to show the wide range of colours available in the Goodordering mini backpack and also show the range of uses it could have from school through to hoarding sweets.

One of the key concepts of Goodordering is that we offer unisex products for all sorts of people. The wild and wonderful world of children is the focus of this shoot where Goodordering celebrates the diversity of children - from the emo punk through to the vegetable hating toddler. We want to live in a world which is much more sophisticated than just pink and blue. Most importantly kids don't need to be colour fascists, there is plenty more time for them to pick up those bad habits when they are older. Help us celebrate genderless styling, diversity and fun! 

 We loved working with photographer Jake Lewis. The styling was done by Jacqui Ma and Luciana Timmen.

A big thanks to Naomi Mahendran from The Cycling Store for offering up her expertise on all things creative shoot-related and whose perfectionist tendancies always arrive at a great end result.


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