Goodordering Stealth Collection

By Jacqui Ma

Our newest kids in the Goodordering family is the stealth collection. The market shopper and the handlebar bag are on pre-sale right now on the website. 

Stealth Market shopper Goodordering

The Market Shopper, 3 in 1 bag - shoulder bag,  backpack and bicycle pannier. Our best selling style.

Goodordering rolltop backpck

A brand new style for Goodordering - the Rolltop backpack and bicycle pannier 2 in 1.

Goodordering shoulder bag pannier

The shoulder bag is the perfect work bag and also doubles as a bicycle pannier, attach it to your bicycle.

Goodordering stealth handlebar bag

One of the older original styles in the Goodordering family. Handlebar bag in waterproof coated fabric.

Goodordering bum bag

The bum bag with phone holder. Attach this bag to the handlebars of your bicycle when its not worn on your waist or over your shoulders.

Goodordering saddle bag

And the smallest member of the stealth collection is the saddle bag that also doubles as a shoulder bag.

We can't wait to introduce the whole collection to you soon!


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