How to picnic in style

By Jacqui Ma

Our top tips for an easy spontaneous picnic 

Its picnic season! (in London it is anyway!) and we love having picnics in the park on the weekend but also during the week, to make the most of the long evenings. They don't have to be hard work, here are our tips for a fun and easy picnic.

* Ride your bike if you can to your picnic it will feel like you are going on an adventure. Go straight out after work or drop home quickly to pick up some supplies. Making the most of the weekday evenings is a great way to get better work-life-balance. Don't feel like you need to plan it days ahead, if its a nice day, text around your friends and organise it for that evening. Everyone loves a spontaneous picnic!

* Take an extra big blanket, if its a sunny day no need for a bulky waterproof one just grab a bed throw or sheet. When you have a bicycle pannier that fits in all your picnic stuff you can pack more things for an even more enjoyable experience.

* If you are into baking, take a tray of brownies. Its a winner every time, and you can transport it there in the tin that you cooked it in. I went to a picnic in Victoria park last weekend and the definite winner was a batch of homemade raspberry brownies that everyone dug into with their fingers.

* You've got the humous packed, but so does everyone else! instead bring the makings for a tomato & mozarella salad with basil. Dress it with a simple splash of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Serve it in a big tray. Grab a bagette to soak up the dressing !

* To drink get a few bottles of soda water and some limes or lemons and make your own lemon soda. For kids, juice boxes are usually a hit and have lower spillage risk. Grab some big plastic tumblers to serve it in. Its worthwhile investing in a set of multi-coloured plastic tumblers so people can keep a tab on which glass is theirs throughout the picnic.

* Bring cardigans and jackets so you can stay out that little bit extra late in the evening to finish off that last bottle of prosecco! 

* The Goodordering picnic pannier is boxy and insulated to fit everything in and make light work of it by attaching it to your bike.

* Picnic as often as you can because it keeps your kitchen clean, tires out your kids (as they will run around a lot playing) and lets face it, it makes you feel good because being with friends outdoors is an ancient human past time worth passing down the generations.

* Some of the best London locations for picnics include London Fields (you can also BBQ there on the west side of the park), Primrose Hill (nice for a romantic sunset over the city of london), Victoria Park (perfect for families in the east due to some amazing playgrounds nearby) Haggerston Park (like being in a secret walled garden), Hampstead Heath and Regents Park - all fantastically accessible by bicycle.



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