Pretty good apps

By Andrea Carlotta Montaguti

After a of online rummaging and real life research peering into the phones of our busy friends, we have found that these apps are pretty good and pretty useful for people who a lead pretty busy lives. If you want to keep your life organised and importantly, keep balance in your life, these out these apps below.


7 Minute Workout is perfect for a quick-fit workout anytime anywhere. All you need is a chair and a wall. It allows you to follow specific circuits depending on how much time you have and guess how long it takes?

Runtastic Let’s say to go for a walk, Runtastic records and saves the miles covered and tells you roughly the calories burnt, so that you can keep track of your fitness activities. 

MyFitnessPal works as a calories counter, helping you loosing weight keeping track of the foods you eat. You can also enter your exercise onto the app so you can eat more and keep within your calorie target.


LastPass it saves all those passwords that you keep forgetting. It’s quick as it’s sounds! This password management app helps you organise your digital life either in the smartphone and the laptop. 

Pocket allows the user to quick save interesting articles or webpages into a server for a later reading. A further upgrade allows extra space to storage more readings.

Evernote is there whenever you wish to note down thoughts, or to-do lists, and to save screenshots or interesting webpages. Also, it enables to share contents with friend and can be used in different devices. 


Sleep Cycle Power Nap: select the right nap mode you need and the app would help you fall asleep with relaxing melodies. With the phones your pocket, the app also keeps track of your movements during your nap, waking you up before you fall into deep sleep.

Insight Timer is a meditation app that helps with sleeping, dealing with anxiety and stress, getting through recovery and addictions. It gives you access to guided meditations, music tracks, talks and courses.

The Happiness Planner is a calendar and to-do list app that helps cultivate happiness and feeling more inspired, it builds introspection in you routine and improves positive thinking, self-awareness and gratitude. 


Handy is the best and quicker way to book trusted home cleaner and handymen. You just have to book online in less then minute, schedule your home service for as early as tomorrow and a professionals will arrive to your place fully equipped.

Taskrabbit: whether you need to pack your boxes, build your furnitures or run your errands, this app helps you find the right person for that.

Nextdoor is a private social network where you can get to know your neighbourhood. Nextdoor is the best way to stay informed about what's going on in your neighbourhood, whether it's finding a last-minute babysitter, planning a local event, or sharing safety tips.


About the author

Andrea Carlotta Montaguti is a master graduate in Advertising and Branding. She has work experience with Leo Burnett and Poplar Harca, advertising agency and housing association, and is currently based in London. 



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