Ride London

By Jacqui Ma

Every year the city of London closes a bunch of streets and the roads become filled with cyclists of all shapes and sizes. The event is called Prudential Ride London. It really is an amazing weekend that celebrates all things cycling, health, family and getting out and about to enjoy this amazing city of ours.

Here is an official video from the event

Goodordering, for the 4th year running had a stall at one of the pit stops  - Leadenhall Market which is one of the official festival zones.

Leadenhall Market Stall Goodordering 2017 Ride London

One of my favourite things about the day is to meet my customers. Every year i see customers who bought bags from me the year before. They always come and say hi and often look for new styles to buy. I even have some customers come and give me valuable feedback from the bags that they have used over the year between events.

Goodordering at Leadenhall Market festival zone Ride London 2017

There is always a chance to catch up with my fellow stall holders. Often i discover new brands and designers doing interesting stuff in the world of cycling. This year Lili Millar from Bikenicks was my neighbour and we chatted about all things related to women and the world of cycling during the day between eating marmite toast and chatting to customers. 

Leadenhall market Goodordering Ride London 2017

We had visits from hundreds of Bromptons, loads of vintage bikes and the odd penny farthing. 

Ride London 2017 Leadenhall Market

This lovely man, one of the few lucky cyclist paramedics in london also dropped by to check things out. He explained to me all the bits and bobs that are attached to this bicycle. The huge double pannier bag on the back weighs a tonne and is full of internal smaller bags that are detachable for different kinds of emergencies.

All in all, Ride London is a fantastic event in so many ways. Hats off to Prudential for sponsoring it, and to Alex from Spin London who puts so much effort and hard work into organising the Leadenhall Market event.


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