The Most Cycled Cities

By Jacqui Ma

According to Wired, this is the 2015 of the most cycled cities in the world. 

The cities were ranked according to a range of factors including advocacy, Bicycle culture, bicycle facilities, bicycle infrastructure, bike share program, gender split, perception of safety, social acceptance from the community and drivers, urban planning and traffic slowing efforts.

Da da! this is the list - is your city in it? Any surprises?

  1. Copenhagen
  2. Amsterdam
  3. Utrecht
  4. Strasbourg
  5. Eindhoven
  6. Malmö
  7. Nantes
  8. Bordeaux
  9. Antwerp
  10. Seville
  11. Barcelona
  12. Berlin
  13. Ljubljana
  14. Buenos Aires
  15. Dublin
  16. Vienna
  17. Paris
  18. Minneapolis
  19. Hamburg
  20. Montreal


Copenhagen cycling city







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