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10 Rules for working in bed

I am the queen of working from bed, running a bag "empire" like Goodordering which is all about fun and enjoying life, requires me to practice what i preach. I make a point of enjoying work and sometimes it means working from bed. Monday morning is a particular favourite. 

working from bed

Here are some rules that i have devised that work for me. Maybe they might work for you too.

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  1. Don’t feel guilty, life is too short to feel guilty, embrace it and enjoy it and realise that being in bed doesn't make you any less productive than sitting at a desk. In this good article in the Guardian about guilt "why do we feel so guilty all the time" argues that "the guilt that blocks and inhibits us also propels us to work, work, work, to become relentlessly productive in the hope that we might – by our good works – rid ourselves of guilt. Guilt thus renders us productive and unproductive, workaholic and workphobic" Therefore there is no point in feeling guilty becuase it won't make you work harder, its more likely to make you unproductive. 

  1. Stay ergonomic, have enough pillows and prop your laptop up with a some books. Make your set up as comfortable as possible. I have been researching lap tables recently, like the ones which a bean bag at the bottom and a hard surface at the top. I can't bring myself to actually buy one because i'm scared that i will end up regretting spending money on something which is ultimately a large book with a cushion under it. It would also be admitting that i sit ALOT of the time with my laptop on my lap. Just typing that previous sentence made me realise that that is the whole point of a laptop ,to have it on your lap so i certainly should invest in a piece of furniture which might make it more comfortable for my laptop to be in its destined position.

  2. Sit on top of the duvet if possible. It gives you the comfort of being in bed but also its a smidge more formal, and treats the bed more like a day bed or large sofa. Of course there is nothing wrong with being under the covers either! I find that when i'm on top of the covers i feel slightly more alert and if someone walks into the bedroom, its looks a lot more professional :)

  3. Open the windows and curtains let the fresh air and the sunshine come in. Sunlight triggers the brain to release the hormone serotonin. It will help you to feel calm and focussed, boost your mood and reduce anxiety. 

  4. Get comfortable, if working from your smartphone lean it on a pillow and try not to drop it on your face. Indulgence is all about comfort, making sure every one of your limbs is supported is important, i learnt this when i was doing meditation. This is a similar point to point 2 which is about ergonomics, however this is more about just being comfortable which you can do by changing positions regularly.

  5. Set targets, work through a list. You want to prove to yourself (and others) that working from bed does not make you unproductive, if you can achieve what you planned to do, whist being in bed, then power to you. Keeping track of what you get done will help you to evaluate the effectiveness of working from bed. I used to have a to do list on a notebook, until i stopped being bothered to even carry around a notebook and i just use the note section on my smartphone now. It makes it even easier to keep track of what i need as i wander around the house working in different random locations. 

  6. Choose your jobs. Work on jobs that relate more to being in bed. Softer tasks like social media, ordering stationery or writing your ‘to do’ list. In bed i like to keep on top of my social media especially Instagram @goodordering.  Interacting on social media is key for growing your following, it's not just about posting. This is a great task to do at the same time each day... in bed. I also like to do things like faff around with product descriptions whilst working from bed.

  7. Try to avoid it if... you struggle with insomnia. Working from bed is not a solution or an idea for everyone. If you sex life is suffering or you get insomnia then it is not advised. Apparently something to do with association. For me neither of these are a problem... so therefore i very much enjoy working from bed. :)

  8. Everything in moderation. Don’t work from bed all day just do it as a little treat. You can do it once a week on a certain or an hour each morning. If you can switch up where you work and move around to different places you can really energise your working day. Some people like to be in the same place and to have all their belongings with them close by, however i'm more the kind of person who likes to work on the sofa as well, so if i am in more of a sociable mood i will go and work somewhere where there are other people in mind. Keeping your working from bed hours in check will make working from bed into a treat rather than an expectation or a bad habit.

  9. Make your bed when you eventually get out of it.😊 This is just something you should always do ! If you don't believe me watch this video below which has always stuck with me "If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed" Its quite inspirational if not a little cheesy.

working from bed
Great snacks for working in bed

This list is based on shape and texture only, not health.

  • Wasabi peas

  • Peanuts

  • Tea and biscuits

  • Cheese and crackers 

  • Most food that you can eat with one hand

  • Chocolate

  • Oysters and champagne

  • Popcorn

  • Humous and bread sticks
  • ice cream
  • apple
Foods best NOT to eat in bed
  • Roast dinner

  • Curry

  • Spagetti Bolognese - stains

  • Crisps - too many crumbs

  • Melted chocolate

  • nachos - too bitty

  • honey sandwich - too sticky

  • mandarin or orange - too sticky


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