Do you ship Internationally?

Yes we do. We ship lots of products all over the world, we send all parcels tracked to make sure they get to you asap! And, yes, we do ship to Greece! You can see all our rates and options <here> on our SHIPPING info page.

Where do i add in my discount code?

You add your discount code in after you add your address in the check out part of the website. See below what it looks like on a laptop.

Discount code screen Goodordering

What is the difference between waterproof and weatherproof?

The fabric itself is waterproof, but because of the seams and stitching around the fabric, the overall bag is not waterproof as in, you can't dunk the bag into water. So the fabric is waterproof but the whole bag is not waterproof, so overall we say that our bags are weatherproof.

How do I clean my Goodordering bag?

We have created this blog post here which goes into more depth on different ways to clean and look after your Goodordering bag 


How does your UK Next Day Delivery Service work?

Delivery is on the next day (Monday-Friday) if ordered before 3pm. If orders are placed during the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) the product will be despatched on Monday and the parcel will arrive the following day, on Tuesday.

Can I put my Goodordering bag in the washing machine?

Yes you can. Put it on a gentle wash not too hot and make sure its fully dry before use. It should come out nice and sparkly clean.

Are the bags waterproof?

The bags are rainproof, however they are not 100% waterproof. In the classic range the zips tapes are made from non-waterproofed fabric. However in the monochrome and Eco ranges, the zip tapes are coated and waterproof. 

Where are the bags made?

The majority of our bags are made in China. Some bags and items are made in the UK.

Does a sippy cup fit in the side pockets of the Buggy bag? (handlebar bag)

The smaller sippy cups without the side handles fit inside, but the larger ones with side handles do not fit unfortunately. However, the boxy style of bag mean that you can easily put one inside.   

How long should my Goodordering bag last ?

We make functional bags for everyday use. So its inevitable that the lifespan of a Goodordering bag will be related to the wear it receives and tear and frequency of use. General wear and tear includes broken zips when bags are over stuffed, scratches, dirt and fabric wearing. We imagine if you would use a bag everyday it might last a year.

What is the difference between the market shopper and the rolltop backpacks in the neon range?

The main difference is that the shopper is a bit more dressy and you can wear it over your shoulder as well as as a backpack or on your bicycle. The shopper in the neon range also allows you to remove the backpack straps completely. On the other hand, the rolltop backpack has a larger capacity is slightly more casual and probably better for travelling overseas or if you have more things to carry. Both are made from the same fabric.

Market Shopper - what maximum size laptop can it fit inside?

Inside our Market shopper there is a padded slip pocket for a laptop. The width of the laptop pocket is 30cm (exactly), its a flat construction so if your laptop is really wide, then you need to take this into consideration. The height of the actual pocket is 29cm but the inside height of the bag is 34cm. So, it should fit a laptop of of maximum size 30cm x 34cm if its slim or approx 29cm x 34cm for wide laptops.

Market Shopper - can be worn as a cross body bag?

No, the Market Shopper cannot be worn cross body, the length of the straps allow it to be worn over one shoulder like a tote bag.

What colour are the personalised letters?

Sorry we are not offering this option right now. For the coloured bags the initials are WHITE. While for the Monochrome range the letters are the same colour as the bags.

Can I return a personalised bag?

No. We're really sorry but personalised products cannot be returned, as you can understand the labour cost has already been spent to personalise the bag, plus the bag will no longer be able to be sold at full price due to the personalisation. 

What is the length of the shoulder strap?

On the handlebar bag, the length of the strap when fully extended is 1metre. (and 3cm wide) On the messenger, the straps are longer and wider measuring 5cm wide and 1metre 30cm long. 

If I change my mind, can I return the product?

Yes of course, please see our returns policy and process <here>

Do your bags fit on a Brompton?
Yes! please see how the Market Shopper, Pannier and Handlebar bags work here Brompton bicycles here.  We also have one bag which attaches to the block here, get in contact if you would like more info about customising our other bags for Brompton hardware.