Do you ship Internationally?

Yes we do. We ship lots of products all over the world, we send all parcels tracked to make sure they get to you asap! And, yes, we do ship to Greece!

You can see all our rates and options <here> on our SHIPPING info page


Can I put my Goodordering bag in the washing machine?

Yes you can. Put it on a gentle wash not too hot and make sure its fully dry before use. It should come out nice and sparkly clean.

Are the bags waterproof?

Yes the bags are generally waterproof. However it must be said that the zips are normal fabric and not specifically waterproof and the construction of some of the bags are not entirely watertight. That being said, I do cycling around in the pouring rain in London with my laptop in the market shopper and it has survived. So, in summary, I would say that the bags are 90% waterproof.


Where are the bags made?

The bags are made in China. We are looking into European manufacturers and are starting a range that is made in the UK soon to be released. 


Does a sippy cup fit in the side pockets of the Buggy bag? (handlebar bag)

The smaller sippy cups without the side handles fit inside, but the larger ones with side handles do not fit unfortunately. However, the boxy style of bag mean that you can easily put one inside and it will more likely than not stay upright. 


Market Shopper - what maximum size laptop can it fit inside?

The width of the laptop pocket is 30cm (exactly), its a flat construction so if your laptop is really wide, then you need to take this into consideration.

The height of the actual pocket is 29cm but the inside height of the bag is 34cm.
So, it should fit a laptop of of maximum size 30cm x 34cm if its slim or approx 29cm x 34cm for wide laptops.


What colour are the personalised letters?

For the coloured bags the initials are WHITE. While for the Stealth Collection we think BLACK is the best colour to match.


If I change my mind, can I return the product?

Yes of course, please send returns to:


Jessica Skertchly c/o Goodordering Ltd

Complete Mailings Ltd 
Unit 5 Bradley Park 
High Holborn Road 
Codnor Gate Industrial Estate 
Ripley, Derbyshire 
DE5 3NW 


Do your bags fit on a Brompton?

Yes! please see how the Market Shopper, Pannier and Handlebar bags work with the lovely Brompton bicycles here.