Cleaning your Goodordering bag

How to clean your Goodordering bag

A Goodordering bag is one that is likely to be used daily and in all kinds of weather especially now. So its natural that it will eventually get a bit dirty. However, looking after your bag will extend its life and will keep it looking bright and smart. Many customers have been asking about how to clean and remove stains from your Goodordering bag so this blog post is to share the best way to do this. 


These are some the products that I used in my test which are good for not just your Goodordering bag but also can be used to remove stains from other items such as trainers, nylon jackets, furniture and other bags.

Depending on the stain and how much time and money you are looking to spend, you can either give you Goodordering bag a full spa treatment or simply remove the more pressing stains.

I will be adding to this post really soon showing these products in use on the bags which are getting nice and dirty as we speak.

Here are some products that will work to get off the stains both on the main part of the bag and also on the nylon binding. Obviously you don't need to use all of them together, try out one or two and they could do the trick for your needs. These are all available widely through sites such as Amazon and other specialist homewear / cleaning stores.

If you don't have access to these kinds of products, then use an alternative that is similar. Even dish washing detergent and a bit of elbow grease goes a long way in getting the dirt and grime off the white binding.

kilrock stain remover

Kilrock Roll-on stain remover £3.49

Magic eraser pads for stain removal

Magic Eraser £10 for 10 pads 

tuff stuff stain removal

Tuff stuff, £7.59 for 500 ml

Dab it off stain remover wipes

Dab it off wipes £3.49 for 20 

oxi clean stain remover 

Oxi Clean Gel stick £8.50

large mesh laundry bags

Large mesh laundry bags £10

Putting your bag into a protective lingerie bag before putting it into the washing machine is a good idea it will avoid the straps getting caught anywhere and also protects the bag. 

Here is a great video that shows how a Longchamp nylon bag is cleaned. As both bags are made from similar materials, many of the tips in this video are also relevant to cleaning your Goodordering bag or bicycle pannier. 

The key take-aways are:

  • Take your time when cleaning your bag
  • You might need to use some cleaning products or chemicals, but make sure you are in a well ventilated area if you do.
  • Keep your bag clean on a more regular basis and it will be easier to clean. A quick wipe down with a soapy cloth after a muddy outing will save you lots of time scrubbing.

Cleaning your Goodordering bag


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