Our story

Hi, i'm Jacqui Ma. I founded Goodordering in 2012 and since then have designed and sold thousands of bright functional and responsible bike bags. I am a busy mum and a passionate businesses owner.

I love cycling and its no surprise that i built a business based around it. Cycling has turned the area where I live from a postcode into a neighbourhood. As a practical person, cycling just wins hands down - it provides exercise, free travel and more often than not, the fastest way for me to get somewhere, its a no-brainer! 

Read more about how I started Goodordering in 2012 below. 

Jacqui Ma Goodordering

Goodordering is an independent hackney based business. We sell sustainable cycling bags and accessories aimed at the urban commuter.

Goodordering began life in 2012 in a flat on top of a bike shop in Hackney, East London. In 2012 I watched the cycling boom really take off. All sorts of fashionable people joined the revolution, but what lagged behind was the accessories! Identifying a gap in the market for colourful, unisex bike bags, Goodordering was born. 

I am Jacqui Ma, I have designed bags for Puma, Virgin Atlantic, Microsoft and Debenhams. Originally Australian, I have been living London since 2002, and live with my wife and 2 kids in Hackney. 

I want to thank you for supporting Goodordering

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The brand name ‘Goodordering’ comes from the joy and satisfaction of ordering well at a restaurant. “Our family often went out for meals together and after a very satisfying meal, we would all call out ‘Good ordering!’ to mum. This brand incorporates all the values of family get-togethers and those captured moments of happiness.

The first range was inspired by Japanese school bags and 80s retro travel bags. 70s and 80s references also give the bags a touch of nostalgia. 

The business launched with a crowd-funding campaign and through connecting with cycling buddies in the tight-knit east London bike industry, Goodordering has continued to steadily grow.

Whilst we love the styling of past eras, we also love technology. Each bag has been designed with technological gadgets and gizmos in mind, with padded compartments and pockets of varying shapes and sizes. At the same time there is no compromise in quality, the bags are water resistant, hard-wearing and versatile.

The Goodordering customer is at the heart of what keeps Goodordering going. They are fun, busy and like to be organised. They set the trends amongst their pals and are not afraid to stand out.

In April 2016, we opened our first store in the Gangnam district of Seoul, South Korea.

Goodordering was shortlisted for the National Business Awards in 2016, and was winner of the UK Export Excellence Award in 2016 for best first export.

This video above was so kindly made by Olly Cooper and tells a bit more about the inspiration and story behind the brand.