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How my business can benefit from COVID 19

In the unexpected and unpredicted situation we are in right now, how does a small business like Goodordering try to make the most of it? Despite the announcement of government grants and help for small businesses from private enterprises such...

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What kind of cyclist are you QUIZ

What kind of a cyclist are you ? A practical cyclist, a speed demon, a hipster cyclist or a chilled cyclist? Take our quiz to find out! Start below, or CLICK HERE to start. Loading...

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Ditch the tube and get on a bike to avoid Corona virus

The Coroner virus has had a huge impact on people washing their hands which will last well beyond the virus (hopefully!) as good habits are formed. I hope that the increased number of cyclists on the road who have taken up their lycra to avoid the risk of virus on the tube will also have a positive lasting impact.


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Bag Ettiquette

Ever been hit in the face by a swinging backpack? or stepped on a bag and tripped over? here is a list of bag etiquette you might consider abiding by and even spread around.  RULE 1 Do not wear a...

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Cycling trends for 2020

As an urban cyclist and a cycling bag designer, i'm always keeping my eyes peeled for whats going on in the cycling world.  The following article highlights what i think are the top X trends for cycling to watch for 2020....

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Top 7 dangers to watch out for when cycling in a city

I have been a commuter cyclist in London for over 10 years. There is a myth that cycling is really dangerous. In 2014, 64 per cent of people surveyed by the UK’s Department of Transport said they believed it was too dangerous...

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Eco HI VIS Backpack - Goodordering

Eco HI VIS Backpack

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We have 4 bags made from recycled water bottles, the fabric is waterproof and resilient, you would never guess that sustainable bags could be so functional.
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