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8 reasons to play outside

Being out in the fresh air is the best place for kids (and adults) to be and express themselves, jumping, running, cycling or fooling around. At Goodordering we are so inspired by children and all the feelings of freedom that we have as kids from the first time we learn to ride a bicycle to those moments we find ourselves up at the top of a tree, unsure of how to actually get down!

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We went to Margate for the weekend a few weeks back to visit one of our newest stockists Werkhaus. They are a store that sell a range of tightly curated goodies, including our Goodordering bags. The other brands include some...

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Balancing Panniers

I often get the question from new cyclists wondering whether only having a pannier bag on one side of the bike causes unbalance. I have always only used my pannier bag on the left side of my bicycle - the...

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Tips for Networking

One of our favourite things to do at Goodordering is to meet new people. Last week we opened our doors to some friends at Experiential Agency Bright to host a get together called SHAKE with a bunch of creatives.  If...

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How to sew a patch onto your bag

As a designer i would always bag watch as much as others would 'people watch' I was hugely inspired by the bags of backpackers. These young adventurers would collect patches from different countries and places around the world and attach them to...

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Facebook Famous

We are facebook famous... well sort of. Last year our founder Jacqui Ma and her son otto were featured in an advertising campaign for facebook which was called "Lets get to work" aimed at inspiring all sorts of businesses to...

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Market Shopper - Black

3 in 1 Market Shopper: Convertible Backpack Pannier cycling bag

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The 3 in 1 Market shopper is a pannier, shoulder bag and backpack in one. The hardest decision you will have is choosing from our 7 colour options.
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