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Cycling trends for 2020

As an urban cyclist and a cycling bag designer, i'm always keeping my eyes peeled for whats going on in the cycling world.  The following article highlights what i think are the top X trends for cycling to watch for 2020....

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Top 7 dangers to watch out for when cycling in a city

I have been a commuter cyclist in London for over 10 years. There is a myth that cycling is really dangerous. In 2014, 64 per cent of people surveyed by the UK’s Department of Transport said they believed it was too dangerous...

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How to stay fit (and sane) as a freelancer

I work solo and love it, but there are some areas of life that i'm still tweaking. One of those is fitness and staying mentally positive through exercise. I know that exercise is a great way to look after my...

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Hacks for the home office

Four years ago I started Goodordering. I was a sidepreneur juggling a full time job, a newborn baby and a fledgling bag company. In true start-up form, my home was my office. Four years down the track, it still is....

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The Pros and Cons of Bike Seats and Trailers

Get some help on deciding what kind of baby / child carrier to use for your children. Front, back or trailer, this article outlines the pros and cons of each of the different styles.

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Made from recycled water bottles

They have officially landed, our four initial styles made from recycled water bottles. Our aim is to gradually evolve all of our bags to be made from eco and sustainable materials. As a small brand we need to do this...

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Eco HI VIS Backpack - Goodordering

Eco HI VIS Backpack

Our best seller
We have 4 bags made from recycled water bottles, the fabric is waterproof and resilient, you would never guess that sustainable bags could be so functional.
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