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Goodordering a short history

Since is it my birthday tomorrow and it has prompted me to reflect a little, i thought i would take a little bit of time to document the key moments for Goodordering in these last 8 years since i started the...

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Lockdown photoshoot in Brighton

Photographer Kasia, aka @missbrokul has been the artist behind our latest Lockdown photoshoot, featuring some sunshine and her cool kids Kosma and Nina with their personalised Goodordering backpacks.  We just love the 2m distance warning chalked onto the wall behind...

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Personalised masks

Introducing our new personalisation service for our hand made face masks. The masks themselves are made in South London, and you can have your initials hand embroidered onto it for an extra fee of £20.   This little side project came...

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What are filters for in face masks

It has been widely understood that Masks can protect someone from inhaling the Covid19 virus and also prevent someone who has the virus from transmitting it, including those who are not manifesting symptoms. Some people opt to add an additional...

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Lockdown in Walthamstow with Goodordering

Staying home doesn't need to be boring or drab, our photographer friend Leonie Freeman has got the right ideas with her Wes Anderson style retro tent in her backyard. Our Goodordering kids backpacks go perfectly with this look, and we absolutely...

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How I tripled sales during Covid19

I was determined not to let Covid19 destroy my business so I worked my arse off and it’s paid off, I’m on track to have tripled my sales compared to April last year. This is how I did it. I...

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Eco HI VIS Backpack - Goodordering

Eco HI VIS Backpack

Our best seller
We have 4 bags made from recycled water bottles, the fabric is waterproof and resilient, you would never guess that sustainable bags could be so functional.
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