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Bike storage

Bikes don't come cheap these days, if you love your bike you will want to look after it and keep it safe especially if you live in a city where there is a high volume of bikes stolen every day....

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Eat your veg

The aim of this funny little photoshoot was to encourage people to eat more fruit and vegetable and to use their Goodordering bags to shop plastic free! The shoot features three of our brand new eco backpacks made from recycled...

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Self employed buzz: Jamie Gaunt

Self employed people contribute strongly to the UK economy, with over 5 million self employed people and represent over 15% of the labour market. This blog aims to shout out to just some of the hard working and talented self employed...

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10 Original gifts under £30

With Christmas around the corner, and not much else to do in terms of going out, there is a lot of online shopping going on, i know for sure in my household! In this guide you will find a selection...

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Goodordering Paper shoot

We did a recent shoot to showcase our new eco range of bags. The shoot featured props made from paper and other natural materials. The concept behind the shoot was to present the natural habitats that would be saved through...

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10 pieces of house keeping you can do on Shopify (whilst you are waiting for sales)

In this uncertain economic time, It's tough times for sales right now. I have put together this blog post on 10 pieces of house keeping you can do on Shopify whilst you wait for those sales to roll in. 

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Eco HI VIS Backpack - Goodordering

Eco HI VIS Backpack

Our best seller
We have 4 bags made from recycled water bottles, the fabric is waterproof and resilient, you would never guess that sustainable bags could be so functional.
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