All 15inches

All 15inches

In the age of the Digital nomad and increasing numbers of freelancers, we have been getting more questions about what size laptops fit into the bags. So we made this guide which we will update over time with the sizes of laptops and bags. We are starting with the apple macs. Hope its helpful!


Mac Book pro 15 inch dimensions

Dimensions of the classic backpack in relationship to the 15inch mac book pro

So, to answer the question, the laptop itself will fit nice and snugly into the back padded pocket of the classic and high-vis backpacks. However if you also use another laptop sleeve in addition, it might be tight. 

The dimensions of the mac book pro : 34.93cm x 24.07cm
Dimensions of the backpack: 36cm x 25cm

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Classic backpack
High-vis backpack

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