5 Tips To Creating A Laid-back Look with a Twist This Summer

5 Tips To Creating A Laid-back Look with a Twist This Summer

As lovely and elegant as it is to get all dressed up for a wedding or a night out, sometimes, we only want a laid-back outfit, especially during summer when the temperatures are rising. Plus, laid-back outfits are everything you need for warm days when you don’t want to wear layers and wish to stay comfortable and relaxed. In the hot season, we spend most of our time at the sea, where we only need to put more clothes over the swimwear to eat something or head towards the beach. 

In recent years, fashion trends have become all about comfort, where athletic apparel, yoga pants, simple pairs of jeans and even pajama dressing have become the new norm, offering relief from pencil skirts, pant suits, and fitted dresses, which we all agree are uncomfortable at times. Of course, laid-back outfits don’t mean you don’t care what you wear, but it is about having a simple capsule wardrobe with all the basics you need to rock this summer. 

So, are you ready to have the best laid-back look with a twist during the hot season? If so, keep reading.

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Wear linen trousers for a breezy comfort

The long and hot summer days are around the corner, so you will need to prepare for the rising temperature. And if the idea of having a heavy material is not something you want to try (we really get you), then you should choose linen trousers, which have become very popular lately. Linen trousers are stylish and comfy and offer a relaxed vibe that most of us want to master these days. Plus, you have countless ideas about what to pair them with, as you can choose something simple like a tank top for a relaxed look or a more elegant shirt if you want to try something different. 

The colors that match great with linen trousers are earthy tones, such as beige and olive, bringing a laid-back vibe. The outfit will be completed with a straw hat, woven sandals and some tinted sunglasses. And voila, you have the best outfit for summer! Don’t worry, gentleman, as linen trousers are also suitable for you, so be ready to wear them all summer.

Co-ord sets should be your best friend

If you want to look polished but don’t wish to make a big effort to match all combinations, you should consider co-ord sets. They are comfy, airy, and very comfortable, and come in a lot of variety to suit everyone. A great idea for summer is to choose pastel or floral-themed co-ord, as they are perfect for summer. To break up the matching look a little, you can add accessories, like belts and shoes in solid colors. Don’t forget to add some chunky earrings that will elevate the look of your outfit

At the same time, in recent years, designers have also created co-ord sets for men, which will help them stay stylish and comfortable. As they already have the whole outfit made, gentlemen will only need to pair it with sneakers, and they will have the best outfit for spending chilly nights with friends. 

Choose the best swimwear

In summer, you will spend most of your time at the beach and pool, so finding the perfect swimwear is essential. Women will need one that will make them feel stylish and comfortable, that can be paired with a hat, a large bag, and some sunglasses. Gentlemen can choose mens designer swim shorts that come in rich prints, solid colors and geometric designs that will suit all desires and allow anyone to spend long hours swimming in the water. 

Opt for dresses and jumpsuits for that summerish look

Dresses may be the best clothing articles for summer as they are the go-to option for anyone who wants to stay comfortable, look stylish and have relief from the high temperatures. Girls can choose from plenty of dresses, including mini, midi, maxi, strappy, bodycon and many others. In this way, anyone will have something that suits their body type and preferences. For a very summerish vibe, opt for something in subtle prints or solid colors, and add strappy heels and minimalist jewelry for a twist because, in this way, you will achieve a sophisticated appearance.

For a laid-back but also stunning appearance, jumpsuits are the answer because they make an outfit complete without needing to think for hours about what to put on. But if you also want to make jumpsuits more stylish, you can layer them with linen shirts or breezy kimonos that will also protect you from the sun. 

Don’t forget about cotton shorts

Cotton shorts are perfect for those hot summer days, as they are excellent for their versatility, which allows you to pair them quite with anything. They will create a laid-back look, and you will stay comfortable all day. You can pair these shorts with an oversized shirt and accessorize with hoop earrings for a more sophisticated look. Boys don’t need to worry, as they can also choose cotton shorts to survive the summer heat. 

Wrapping up

As you can see, there are a lot of ideas you can try this summer to achieve a laid-back look with a twist. Whether you choose to wear dresses, cotton shirts and shorts, or co-ord sets, it is important to remember that summer is about feeling comfortable, as in this way you will survive better in the rising temperature. However, this doesn’t mean you should forget about some stylish accessories and tips that will elevate the look of your outfit.

We hope you found this article useful and that it inspires you to create summer outfits that will impress anyone. 

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