9 Tips And Practices For Marketing As A Small Business

9 Tips And Practices For Marketing As A Small Business

As a small business ourselves at Goodordering, we know that attracting new customers is the best way to get your small business off the ground and grow it. Your business will only expand and grow with new customers. Harnessing the power of marketing is the quickest way to broaden your customer base. Marketing can be challenging if you don’t have a huge budget, but small business owners can utilize resourceful ways to attract and retain a customer base. 

There is no need to let a limited budget put you down when you want to get the visibility of your small business. While established brands might have more money, you can have the most innovative marketing strategy. A successful strategy only happens after a while, as it requires a lot of planning, research, and effort. As an alternative, you can also consult experts from a marketing agency Manchester, or wherever you’re from to put you in the right direction. 

For more tips and practices to help you market your small business, read below: 

  • Run Drip Campaigns
  • A drip campaign involves sending emails to turn leads into customers. They are automatically sent emails on a scheduled timeline triggered by a predetermined online action of your choice. Drip campaigns are easy to create, and they keep leads actively engaged when they need a specific product or service. Email marketing allows you to target specific customers based on your analytics data and can help improve your ROI. 

  • Re-Engage Customers Using Email Newsletters
  • Email marketing is the best way to attain customer retention. Sending emails with valuable content helps ensure existing customers keep coming back. According to Forbes, existing customers spend 31% more than new customers. Regularly updating your customers with a weekly or monthly newsletter about your current promotions, business, and industry news will build loyalty. 

  • Offer Value Through Content Marketing
  • Blogs are the best content marketing tools that help you position your business as an industry leader. Writing in-depth blogs that answer specific questions your target audience may have helps build trust. You can use search engine optimization (SEO) tactics to ensure your blog reaches the right readers. Inserting keywords throughout your post, linking to high authority domain sites, and linking pages to your website can improve your ranking on search engine results pages (SERP). 

  • Optimize Your Website
  • Website optimization is another crucial SEO tactic. Search engines consider your content and how easy your site is to use when determining your ranking. Your site must be mobile-friendly with well-organized navigation and fast-loading web pages. Reducing the file sizes of your images can also help improve the speed of your website. Updating your website regularly also helps keep your business relevant for search engines.

  • Boost Engagement Using Video Content Marketing
  • Platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok are great for marketing your small business using videos. You don’t need professional video editing skills to use this online marketing strategy. You only need a smartphone camera to do a product demo, explain a process, give your followers a behind-the-scenes look into your business, or do live Q&As with potential clients. 

  • Initiate Conversations With Social Media Marketing
  • Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Snapchat drive conversations that help build brand awareness and client relationships. Make sure that you are engaging with your potential customers besides just publishing posts that offer value to your followers. You should respond to direct messages and comments, join trending conversations related to your brand, and share posts you are tagged in. 

  • Start A Word-Of-Mouth Referral Program 
  • Word-of-mouth is a powerful marketing tool, especially when done through the internet. Most consumers trust recommendations from friends and family; thus, direct referrals can help you get the highest quality leads. You can use an email marketing tool to follow up within a day or two after customers buy from you. Offer rewards like discounts or gift cards for successful referrals to incentivize your customers. 

  • Amplify Reviews Of Satisfied Customers
  • Most online shoppers trust reviews and treat them just like recommendations from friends and family. If a client gives you a positive online review, they will refer you to thousands of potential customers at once. To get great reviews, you need to respond to all your reviews. Thank all your happy customers for the reviews to build loyalty and reply professionally to any negative reviews to showcase good customer relations and a willingness to adapt or improve services.

  • Partner With Local Businesses
  • Partnering with other brands is also a great way to generate additional referrals. It would be best if you only worked with reputable brands to offer complementary services; that way, you will share exclusive referrals. This tactic helps reach leads actively in need of your service or product. 

    how to grow your small business with marketing


    You need marketing to reach more potential customers, whether you are the most popular brand in town or are growing your business. Marketing is a full-time job for a small business, and it is upon you to define your strategy. By implementing these marketing tips for your small business, gaining more reviews, to using social media channels, you can stand out from your competition without overspending or wasting time. You might get it wrong the first time, and it takes time to know your customers and where they spend their time. 

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